Small Business Website Design

We have been designing, hosting, and maintaining websites for small businesses since 1998. We established, and continue to operate our company, on the principle that the Internet is all about service. What else do we hold as critical to the relationship between us and our clients? Price, design quality, and timeliness. After all, we are a small business our self. We understand the limits that time and money place on the small business person.

We follow simple but thorough steps in creating and maintaining a website for our clients.
  1. Discuss with the client what their website needs and expectations are.
  2. Discuss budget and revenue or advertising projections and expectations.
  3. Make suggestions and recommendations during those discussions.
  4. Research what is happening on the web in the area that the client's site will be operating.
  5. Create an outline for a website that will meet the client's needs.
  6. Present draft web pages for the client to review and discuss with us.
  7. Create and launch the new website.
  8. Host, maintain, and update the website as needed.
Our designs speak for themselves. Our clients speak for our service. Ask them.
We encourage you to contact any of our present clients for their opinion of our services.

We would be glad to discuss your website needs with you.
Send us an email with your questions.

Happy Clients

Thanks a million! Your the BEST! The clients love it.
Thanks again, Joanne  

Thanks for all of your help!
Lynn told somebody today on the phone that we have the best web-guy around, and she's right!
Emilyn, Realtor®