It's Important Who Hosts Your Small Business Website

There are thousands of website hosting companies. A hosting company has and maintains the servers that store your website's files and make them available to the Internet.

There are three main concerns when choosing a hosting company for your website:
     1. Server Reliability (up-time)
     2. Customer Service
     3. Cost
There are others too. We will discuss them after these important three. speed/features/spammers/location

1. Server Reliability (up-time)

      If your web server is down, your site is "closed".
Keeping a website open and available 24/7, as they say, is a daunting task for any hosting company—most do it very well. The ones who don't, never last very long. An up-time of 99.99% is very good. Consider there are 10,080 minutes in a day. With an uptime of 99.99% that means that a server would be down only an average of 1.008 minutes a week. Insignificant.
Our hosting company, Hostcentric, boasts that 99.99% up-time.

2. Customer Service

      Hosting and maintaining websites is all about service.
If any of our clients has a problem accessing their website or email, we then contact our hosting company and get the problem resovled as quickly as possible. There are reasons a website is unavailable other than a downed server. The client may be having a problem with their ISP, or there might be an outage somewhere on the Internet. Hostcentric, the hosting company we have been using since 1999 has always been very responsive and the problem is usually fixed very quickly.
We tell all our clients if they are having a problem with their website or email to call us immediately.

We would be glad to discuss your website needs with you.
Send us an email with your questions.

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