How Best to Use Advertising Links in Websites

As search engines become more sophisticated at reading and deciphering content in websites, they are also improving at determining context. This is in an effort to supply better search results to their visitors and is a laudable endeavor. Link Farms are loosing their influence on how search engines rank sites on the web. The search engines are now looking at and processing the text that surrounds links, not just the text of the link itself. This means that it is no longer very useful to have a page with merely a list of links on it. It is important to provide a page with true content where the links embedded within the paragraphs are relevant to the subject of the text. We believe that this is the future of gaining importance in the "eyes" of search engines.

1. Free Advertising on Xisle Graphix

      How we do it.
With the above in mind, we are willing to place links to other websites, that we deem of sufficient quality, relevance, and value, within the text of our pages. In exchange for placing a well positioned link on our site, we ask the same in return. If you are interested in exchanging "free advertising links" in this method, please contact us.

  1. Send us an email with the link URL that you wish us to place on our website.
  2. We will review your website and/or page and if we find it appropriate, we will contact you about where we think best to place it on our website and where we suggest you place our reciprocal link on your site.
      Some things to keep in mind:
  1. We like to trade advertising links on pages of equal or near equal page ranking.
  2. Sometimes it is possible and beneficial to set up relevant, contextual, three-way trades. You may want to review the list of sites we host to see if any are particularly relevant to the link or links you wish to place.

We would be glad to discuss your website needs with you.
Send us an email with your questions.

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