Your Small Business Website Can Be Much More Effective

For your Small Business Website to perform well and bring you the customers and sales you want, it needs four things: attractive and functional layout and design, search engine optimization, good copy aimed dead-on at your target audience, and reliable hosting.

Yes, we have found that websites that don't perform well:
     1. Have confusing and/or busy layouts.
     2. Are not optimized for search engines.
     3. Have poor copy that does not engage.
     4. Have unreliable hosts.
Let's examine each one individually as we build your website.

1. Website Design and Functionality rules!

      How your website looks and functions is the icing on the cake.
If numbers 2 and 3 above (Search Engine Optimization and Good Web Copy) are the two layers that make your website cake, then Appealing Design and Functionality are the icing that make your website cake so appetizing to visitors. The layout, colors, graphics, and photos used to create your website must be appropriate to your business and your website visitors. For instance, a dark, goth look would never do for a Health Food Store, but an online store that sells Halloween Costumes would shine. The very first time a visitor comes to your website, they must be able to easily find their way around—that is why functionality is so important. You have probably left websites just because you found navigating them so frustrating.
We create visitor friendly websites that people love.

2. Why is Search Engine Optimization so important?

      Simple—if people can't find your site, how will you get their business?
Search engines use complicated, sophisticated algorithms when they crawl websites to determine what the site is about and how important the information is compared to other websites offering the same or similar information. If your website is not optimized for the over 100 things that the algorithms look for and interpret, your site will not appear at or near the top of the Search Engines Results Pages (SERPs). We know what the search engines are looking for when they crawl your site. Simply changing some text on your site can increase your ranking in the SERPs. A full site optimization can move your site up to or near the top in the Search Engines.
We create "search engine friendly" websites.

"Why White Hat SEO Is The Only Way You Should Be Doing SEO"
  by Guest Contributor Amit Raj

3. Poor Web Copy results in poor website responses!

      If you don't engage and interest your website visitor at the first screen,
      they usually move on to another site.

Simply telling your website visitor what your business does or offers, showing them pretty pictures, or dazzling them with FLASH will not motivate them to buy your product, use your server, or contact you. You must engage them with proper web copy. Effective web copy will tell them right off the bat "you know what they are looking for and you have the answer". It tells them that you are the best person to solve their problem or situation.
We create websites that communicate and get results.

4. Hosts with major down-times will not do.

      Your site is down? Your web business is closed.
When it comes to the company that hosts your website, the most important thing is reliability—up-time. If your web server is down and viewers get the dreaded "Page Cannot Be Found" message in their browsers, you are losing customers. Your hosting company should have an up-time of 99% or more. We all know that glitches can happen, but the really good hosting companies plan for such occurrences, and can get their servers, or their sites back online quickly. This applies to email as well as the site itself. Emails being sent off into cyber space, or clients getting them returned as undeliverable can only effect your business negatively.
We use reliable hosts who respond immediately to any troubles.

Happy Clients

We have designed over 120 websites since 1998, so we know what works and what doesn't. We encourage anyone who is interested in a new small business website, or improving an existing one to Contact Us today.