How Blogs Improve the Traffic on Your Small Businesses Website

As stated before, a Blog is an online diary, journal, or editorial expressing the owner's opinions, thoughts, experiences, and ideas. Blogs can be great tools for increasing the traffic to your Small Business Website. You may go into your blog once a day, or once a week, and update it on what is happening within your business. Perhaps you are introducing a new product or service. Then you would place a link in that information to your Small Business Website, or a specific landing page within the website. This gives your website a valuable, authoritative, relevant in-bound link—something the search engines give great importance to. You would also use your blog to post opinions about what is happening in your business realm that web visitors would find interesting and insightful, thus leading them to your website. By being seen as "an authority" in your field by the virtue of writing compelling and informative copy, other websites will link to you, thus garnering your site more of those all important in-bound links.

Some people allow readers to post comments on their blogs. Others use it for one-way expression only. When you allow readers to post on your blog, you must be prepared to monitor and possibly edit or delete what may be deemed inappropriate by you. By inappropriate, I don't mean controversial. We know that controversy can be very beneficial in attracting visitors. Inappropriate means offensive language, off subject writings and rantings, etc.

Dr. Nora Barnes - Chart 1
Dr. Nora Barnes - Chart 2
Source: Dr. Nora Barnes, Director of the Center for Marketing Research at the University of Massachusetts.

There has been discussion about whether it is better to have your blog as part of your website, or to have it hosted under a separate domain name. The thinking being that with the latter, a separate domain will create more in-bound links to your website; as in linking from one website to another. This is true to a point. It appears though, at this time, Google is more impressed with the additional content that would be provided to your site by your postings and the postings of others. If your small business if large enough, you may be able to have the human and financial resources to have two blogs—one on your website, and another operating under a different domain name. Be aware though, that each would have to have its own, distinct content. Search engines frown on duplicate content. They take it on themselves to choose which site they prefer, and ignore the other(s).

Blogs are not all that difficult to set up. There are free blogging sites, like Google's Then there is free blogging software you install like Wordpress that you can install on your site or a separate site under a different domain name. With a few hours of learning, one can get the hang of blogging. To those that like to write and or pontificate, they can become addictive.

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A Landing Page is an interior website page that offers a product that you may have advertised in the newspaper for example. Rather than send a web visitor to your home page, you send them right to the page with the product on it using the URL that is printed in the paper.