How Small Businesses Use and Prosper with Ecommerce Websites

If your small business is selling any product and you don't have an ecommerce website, you are missing an awful lot of sales. This means selling anything from Angle Irons to Zorro Costumes. Having a well built, effective Ecommerce website gives you an relatively inexpensive, flexible gateway to sell your products nationwide and worldwide.
The main elements of an ecommerce website are:
     1. The Sales Pitch
     2. The Products You Sell
     3. Customer Check-out Process
There may also be pages with added product information, customer service, etc.

1. The Sales Pitch

      This is usually on the Home Page or Landing Page.
Studies show you have about 15 seconds time during the first screen view of your website to capture your prospective buyer to stay on your site! So right off the bang, you need effective web copy that will get the attention of the visitor. Why is your product so good? Why does the visitor need your product? What can your product do for the visitor? Once you have their attention, you have to keep it with riveting copy that keeps them reading until you have convinced them they cannot live without your product. if you sell more that one product, then your copy must work harder to get the visitor to stay and browse through the products you have to offer.

2. The Products You Sell

      It's just like a printed catalog, but on the web.
The web pages that display the products you have to sell, must do their work too. The product descriptions must be appetizing and anticipate and answer as many questions about the product as may arise in the customer's mind. The product photos must be clear and attractive with thumbnail size for fast loading taking up little space plus click-throughs for larger photo versions so the customer can see details. some sites use sophisticated scripting to allow the customer to rotate the product with their mouse so they can see all sides. Give the customer as much information about the product as possible. This build confidence in the customer that this is the product they want or need. Left with too many questions about the product a customer is unlikely to contact you with questions. Some do, but most go onto the next website hoping to get their questions answered.

3. Customer Check-out Process

      The shopping cart and check-out process.
For most Ecommerce Websites, a shopping cart is essential. It allows the customer to buy more that one item at a time, change the number of each items they are buying, let them see what their total charges will be, and encourages them to keep shopping. It allows the website owner to add/show the shipping costs and show discounts or rebates. Shopping cart run from some that are relatively simple and free, like the one that PayPal offers, to extremely complex ones that will automatically compute discounts and /or shipping charges to a specific zip code. The checking-out process of the shopping cart is where the customer pays for the items they have purchased. Normally they enter their billing address, shipping address, and credit card information. As with shopping carts in general, the check-out process can be simple or sophisticated. The higher end shopping cart check-out processes will automatically charge the customer's credit card in real-time, send them a confirmation email, and even keep track of inventory for you.

Of course there will be additional sections and pages that you will want to offer on your Ecommerce Website. You may have some products where it would be advisable to place some of the drier, more technical specifications on another linked page, in order to not take the sales momentum off the products main page. Other pages may be Shipping Information, Merchandise Return Policies, General Policies, Customer Service, and Contact Information.

If an Ecommerce website with a shopping cart if appropriate for you business, expect to spend a great deal of time, thought, and planning on how it is executed and put the various pieces together. It is a complicated business, but if set up correctly will get product sales coming your way like clockwork.

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A Landing Page is an interior website page that offers a product that you may have advertised in the newspaper for example. Rather than send a web visitor to your home page, you send them right to the page with the product on it using the URL that is printed in the paper.