Why White Hat SEO Is The Only Way You Should Be Doing SEO

by Guest Contributor Amit Raj

Ranking up on certain keywords is one of the best ways to get massive traffic for your website. The more traffic and visitors you get on your site, the more chances of brand exposure and in making a sale.

Because of this, some companies think that it's okay to skip on good, honest practices and exploit Google's search engine algorithms. Link farming, keyword stuffing, overusing anchor texts and spamming comments on forums and blogs are just some examples of SEO strategies that Google doesn't approve of.

White Hat SEO is the only way you should be doing SEO, regardless of how new your company is or if you have a long-existing one. Why? White Hat is unbeatable in terms of long-term goals. It's the kind of optimization that will get you at the top no matter how frequent the algorithm gets updated.

This is exactly how SEO should be done. You'll surely get conversions, essential visitors and organic traffic and excellent brand exposure. As you may have learned, SEO is not done overnight, and web owners really hate it when they lose the rankings they have worked so hard for. Paying attention to your on-page SEO and Link Building are the two best strategies you can start right now!

White Hat Isn't That Hard To Do
This is just an excuse for most marketing companies who do underhanded strategies to gain higher ranks on search engines. The truth is, it isn't that difficult to achieve white hat status for your blog or website. Here are the 2 most essential points you should consider:

1. Optimizing On-Page Content
2. High quality and relevant Link Building

Great Content: The Foundation of SEO Success
Let's focus on one of the best ways to optimize your on-page SEO. Experts say that Content is King, and we couldn't agree more. After all, it's the single most defining element that will make your website stand out from all the other sites under the same niche.

What we're saying is that you should focus on thinking if your content will be read, understood and digested by the people who are looking for it. The quality should be so that they'll love it and share it within their social circle!

Don't rush content. Take the time to produce a high-quality one. One well-written, imaginative and engaging piece is certainly much better than 10 hastily-written articles. Don't be afraid to proofread your articles a few times before posting it to make sure it's free of errors, typos and grammar mistakes.

This is one of the best ways to build organic links with other site owners. When they see how much your audience appreciates the effort you make, the owners will make a connection and request you for a guest post, and vice versa.

High Quality Relevant Backlinks = Higher Rankings and More Traffic
The internet is a huge network of websites from all over the world. As such, it makes sense for you and your website to "connect" to others who have the same niche or hobby. This networking is called backlinking, and the more connections you have, the higher authority you can gain when it comes to being ranked for keywords and site authority.

Working hard to build up quality backlinks is part of a good White Hat strategy. Here's an actionable part you can do- do a search for authorities in your niche, product or service. Look up the site and see if there's anything valuable you can offer them. Don't push too much or come off as too aggressive- be smart and try to fill in a need.

You can look forward to 2 specific benefits when you build up on high quality and relevant backlinks

1. A Higher Rank On Search Engines
Major search engines sniff these out when stacking websites for certain keywords. Naturally, these search engines will want to rank the most authoritative among the niche group and push it up to the top of the search results list. When Google's crawlbots find your site, it will discover that you have contextual backlinks. Then the rest should fall into place- you get higher rankings which will result in more traffic and better business.

2. Direct Traffic From The Links
Creating a useful guide will make the suppliers want to point a link in your direction because it helps them as well in terms of sales and awareness. You'll get real people who already have an interest in what you have to offer, which results in a higher and more organic conversion rate.

Don't forget site performance greatly enhances user experience. Make sure that your site has the proper framework so Google's crawlbots can index your site properly. Pay attention to your page structure, content and headlines. A quick-loading page is a must-have, as is 99% uptime. Moreover, your website should be optimized to look great on smaller screens such as ones from smart phones and tablets.

White Hat SEO does not happen overnight, but once the results start coming in you'll be glad you stuck to the proven methods of this kind of SEO. Remember, you need quality content, great UI and organic links to be really successful!

Amit Raj is a freelance SEO consultant based in Glasgow, UK who focuses on driving high quality and relevant traffic for clients.

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